Monday, December 29, 2008

Check Out These Beauties!

Here's some fun new additions to my shop.

hair accessory
decorating childrens room I was thrilled to sell 3 of them within hours of listing them. I'll be putting more of them in the Shop later today.


Megan and Jon said...

These are darling. They look so intriquite and time comsuming. Post more. I'm thinking I'm gonna need an apron.

Stitch Witch said...

ooh I love the blue one! the colors are so vibrant!


These are wonderful! Beautifully made :0)

The LemonDrop Tree said...

Hi Anni

You stopped by my blog ( and left me a comment so I am stopping by your blog to check it out and am on my way to your Etsy shop. Anyhow this here is really a lovely flower....I can see why 3 of them sold so fast. Best of luck with more future sales.