Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mr. Miyagi, help me!

I have an evergreen in my backyard that hasn't seen a good day for as long as I have call my house "home." I thought I would do a little know...make it look like they do in Karate Kid. I'm still working on it... but I think I'll leave much to be

If you're wondering what the "after" looks like...stay tuned. I'll post pictures. (It might be bare naked and starting all over!)


twolefthands said...

Looks like a job for Edward Scissorhands! I bet you will "spruce" it up in no time!

Kristen said...

hey...Edward Scissorhands...good idea.

Splendid Little Stars said...

Evergreens can take some serious cutting back. I cut some yews back to almost a stump. Let's see, they were about 5 feet tall around a patio, and I couldn't see my kids playing in the back yard. So I cut them down to about 18-24" tall. They looked rather bad for a while, but a year later were filled out nicely.
It looks like you may have cypress--trickier because you have to go in and cut out individual branches. Again, you can be rather severe. Have fun, enjoy the "sculpturing" process, and show us the result!